Stef drew me and Seamus and let me tell you this is on point

I’m pissed about this because Stef nailed me perfectly ugggghhhhhhhhh


shoutout to all my followers who don’t hate me yet






i want a little cal next to my cursor when windows does the loading thing

Remember those really sketchy Virtua Girl desktop ads from the bad side of the internet when you were a kid? I want one but with Cal

hey, let’s chat, please? 


i miss u

feeling like poop, so why not drinking. skype me or something @ evanmiller864

i wish i knew how to confront people with my concerns/issues rather than just avoiding it altogether or dealing with it in a shitty way. confrontation scares the hell out of me, it really does, that’s why i’m not aggressive with people or don’t fight anyone or get in many verbal arguments, being outwardly aggressive/confrontational in any way (even non-violently) makes me really uncomfortable and i just can’t bring myself to do it. how will i ever be able to stand up for myself if i can’t get past this thing


scandal in the news 

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come check out my radio show, tonight is all physical media in honor of our new cassette deck in studio. come listen!